Let's work out how your brand can speak to Gen Z. VIDA will advise and plan alongside your brand using uniquely Gen Z ideas to ensure you reach your new audience.

We will use our Gen Z collective to implement a game changing plan via powerful social media channels and translatable, relatable content.

Consistency is key with social media. We will continue to grow and manage your social media presence. VIDA will manage your Gen Z specific project with our incredible VIDA Collective.




Gen Z Talent
VIDA is proud to be home to Gen Z influencers. Please see our growing roster here

If you are a Gen Z influencer, please get in touch

User Generated Content (UGC) Packages

UGC is one of the most powerful tools when engaging with Gen Z. From product/service reviews to lifestyle how-to demonstrations and more, VIDA can bring your brand's story to life through UGC.

UGC X TikTok Ads Packages

By using UGC as in-feed ads, VIDAs creators make authentic, scroll stopping UGC TikTok ads.
We have a range of set packages and customisable packages as suited to your brand.

Social Media Management

Please contact us for social media management enquiries.

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